Why Oak? - The Cartlodge Company
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Why Oak?


With climate change prevalent we recognise our duty at The Cartlodge Company to be environmentally conscious. Oak is a naturally renewable source and our oak is responsibly sourced.


Oak frame buildings to last longer than a life-time. Oak continuously proves to be product with longevity. Paired with experience from our team we’re able to build something that enables maximum lifespan from our oak products. Due to Oak being much denser than other materials, such as steel, it is recognised to have great load bearing capabilities.


With any addition to existing buildings there is a worry of compromising existing architecture. However, oak offers the ability to create something with the fresh appeal of a new build but with period aesthetics and detailing.

Low Maintenance

Even after prolonged periods, Oak requires very little maintenance. When exposed to sun you see a silvery look and when exposed to the rain a blackened hue develops. This is due to the high tannin levels in the oak mixing with rain water.


Oak is a naturally beautiful material, starting with a golden hue and drying into silvery tones. Oak posses much more texture than man made products and building with oak creates character as each beam has unique detailing to the next. Different waxes can be applied to create the home interior you desire.

Carbon Neutral

Oak trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere its entire life. When Oak is used in a building it acts as a carbon sink, holding onto all the carbon it has absorbed before it way cut down. By choosing Oak framing for your structure your build will leave a smaller carbon footprint on the planet.

Oak Framed Designs & Examples